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What You Can Expect When You Have Us At Your Event

  • It is a pleasure to let you know, your show was a huge success. The kids and adults loved it! I was impressed that you were able to keep 30 or so 9 year olds entertained and engaged for 45 minutes. I appreciate your professionalism and the fact that you not only delivered what you promised, you went above and beyond, which is rare these days. I would not hesitate to recommend you to my friends and I wish you continued success in your future endeavors.
    Lori Diaz.

  • High Energy, funny & very entertaining Magician. His personality held the attention of 35 children. I would highly recommend Matthew James. Thank you Matthew for a great performance.
    Lorraine Majka

  • Thank you! Thank you! We all had a blast & kids were just in love with you:) amazing job! Thanks. I am Glad I selected you Matthew for Ayra's 10 th birthday party! Special THANK YOU from Ayra!
    Rahat Sakrani

  • Matthew,
    I just wanted to say thank you again for yesterday. It was a big hit with all the kids and the parents and Dylan loved his party and your magic show. He's really shy so it was great he got to interact with you before hand.
    If you can send me your mailing address I want Dylan to send you a thank you card.
    Thanks again so much! .
    Piya Thompson

  • Matthew,
    sorry I didn't get to say bye to you before you left. Had to pickup the pizza.
    You are an amazing magician. Will tell all my friends about you.
    Thank you for everything :)
    Julissa Maldonado

What kind of event are you having? Learn more here...

  • Kids Show

    Birthday Parties, Kids Parties, Daycares, Camps, watch your kids have a blast!.

  • Family Show

    Schools, Community Events, Family Parties, Religious Celebrations, everyone young to old will enjoy this.

  • Adults Show

    Corporate Events, Private Parties, Birthdays, Banquets, Awards Dinners, Hospitality Suites, you'll have everyone asking where you found this guy!.


About Us

  • Why hire Matthew James- top rated Magician with over 3127 performances?

    What makes Matthew James different than any other Magician you could go with for your event?
    #1 100% Participation
    What that means is that your guests will not just and watch. (There’s TV if you want that, right?!) The real memories come from your guests interacting and participating. (Like the time when your son floats in mid-air as the finale, or when 5 $1 bills turn into 5 $100′s in your hands. And one of your guests tries to make those $100′s disappear by slipping them into her pocket!) The REAL entertainment comes from your guests interacting with Matthew. Not some fancy pants card trick or a sequin covered box. It’s the spontaneous burst of laughter because Matthew is quick on his feet and can bring everyone into the show, no matter what their age.
    #2 SAFETY in numbers
    Would you trust your car to a mechanic who just started this weekend? Same thing goes with entertainers. Most entertainers are weekend warriors. Maybe a show or two on Saturday or Sunday a couple weekends a month. What will your guests be quietly whispering when they walk out of your party after seeing that show. Quite frankly, 90% of entertainers don’t have enough experience. Matthew (in his 20′s) has performed over 3,127 shows. More than most entertainers do in a lifetime. After a couple thousand shows, you get good. Really good. Because you know how to wrap everyone in the palm of your hand and have them begging for more by the time you’re finished. In fact, most parties don’t want him to leave. The record was 4 hours! They wouldn’t let him go and he’s too nice to “disappear”!
    #3 ENERGY
    Guaranteed you will ask him how he has so much energy. He keeps going and going and the show is high vibe the whole time. No 10 minute drawn out card trick. His show is packed full of magic and doesn’t stop. What that means for you is that your guests will be HOOKED. Not looking away for anything. They’ll want to participate and by the time it’s over, they’ll be raving about all the cool things he did. WARNING: Don’t have Matthew’s show before something where you need everyone quiet because they will keep talking about the show. “Remember when he floated her in the air….remember when he made the $100 bills appear…”
    #4 GUARANTEED or your Money Back
    If you don’t love the show, if your guests aren’t laughing and saying what a great time the show was, you don’t pay. Period. Try asking other entertainers to do that for you. They’ll just shrug your shoulders and blame the room or that the audience ate too much before the show!

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